Opera Opus

S and I have been really happy with our first-ever Metropolitan Opera subscription this year. Last week we got a renewal packet in the mail, and the same problem presented itself this time as last time: subscriptions are grouped by the day of the week of the performances you’re going to see, but we’re more interested in choosing individual operas, since, given a year’s advance notice, we can go on any day at all. But there are so many packages that it’s too much to juggle to see which package you want to buy.
So I snarfed the Met’s subscription listings and made a page with JQuery and tablesorter that reveals the packages that have the most shows that you want to see, and count how many shows you need to exchange or buy individually to see everything you’ve selected.
For us, it looks like it might be Wednesday 3, since Saturday Matinees don’t appeal very much. Find out for yourself with the Metropolitan Opera Subscription Helper. It is not in any way affiliated with the Met or anything else.

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