I was at Heathrow last Saturday evening, picking up my betrothed, and as I watched the people exiting the Secure Area I saw a serene white spiky head strolling out. David Byrne! No. Maybe? Peer intently. I’d have to look closely at a recent picture to be certain. Or maybe he’ll mention London in his blog; no, surely he won’t:

David Byrne Journal: 5.20.07: London
I love the juxtaposition here between the two opposing poles of dress and manner: the reserved, polite, perfect and solicitous staff contrasted with the world of theatrical shock and gross-out represented by Chapman bros., Damien Hirst, chavs and football hooligans. It all has to come out, I guess — the bigger the front the bigger the back. I’m reminded of the ads that plaster the phone booths offering spankings and humiliation.

He even strolled back toward the terminal-exit doors a few minutes later, against the stream of humans. I’ve been meaning to ask him to write usage notes for our thesaurus. He’s one of my top N role models/heroes/admirees.  And you can see his reflection in the “THIS IS NONE OTHER THAN THE HOUSE OF GOD” photo in the post.


a homework assignment by someone named Yassin, with drawings of some sort of movement notation labeled Balance, Extension, Lengthening, Directionback of assignment, with Flexion, Rotation, Stillness, Motion toward, spring, motion away, falling, and arrive at a shape

I found this on the ground near my laundromat in Sunset Park. I don’t know any movement notation to know whether Yassin is just regurgitating something taught in class; I prefer to imagine that the homework assignment was “devise a dance notation“. This seems so abstract for a random school in Brooklyn.