Lazyweb Greenlight

I’ve been wanting to make two short films of my favorite parts of the Lord of the Rings, both sadly omitted from the Peter Jackson adaptation:

Tom Bombadil in a black-and-white, silent-Buñuel style;

The Scouring of the Shire in a contemporary setting. It opens just before dawn as the four hobbits come home at last from a long, horrible trip; they are too shellshocked to speak to each other, dozing on a decrepit city bus.


a homework assignment by someone named Yassin, with drawings of some sort of movement notation labeled Balance, Extension, Lengthening, Directionback of assignment, with Flexion, Rotation, Stillness, Motion toward, spring, motion away, falling, and arrive at a shape

I found this on the ground near my laundromat in Sunset Park. I don’t know any movement notation to know whether Yassin is just regurgitating something taught in class; I prefer to imagine that the homework assignment was “devise a dance notation“. This seems so abstract for a random school in Brooklyn.

Yet Another Unfortunate GMail Ad: “Slanty letters” == かんたんな英作文で メキメキライティング能力向

I’m sure the reason this ad for an English language course was put across the top of this message was because the body talks about an English course: all the other ads are for language resources. But it is an unfortunate juxtaposition, at least for polysemaniacs like me. [Click to enlarge]

Maybe the real shocker here is that I haven’t turned off that little advertisement area.